Highway 60 Storage, LLC is a Professional storage location, providing indoor and outdoor storage solutions.  Here are some hints when storing YOUR items.

1.  STORE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  currently, we DO NOToffer CLIMATE CONTROLLED UNITS.  All leased spaces are subject to extreme temperature and humidity changes.   It is recommended Tenants obtain "RENTERS INSURANCE" to protect against accident, flood, insects, rodents, condensation or ANY type of damage or theft.

2.  Obtain a Disk or Round type lock.  Thieves will make quick work of other hasp style locks.  Highway 60 Storage offers new Disk locks for a reasonable fee.  Disk locks are REQUIRED!! 

3.  DO NOT STORE VALUABLES!  Best way to avoid loss by damage or theft is to keep valuables items like jewelry, tools and other expensive, or one of a kind items, is to keep them with you.  If you must store such items, place them in an "inconspicuous" container at the rear of your unit or at the bottom of a stack of other items.  A thief may not be willing to dig all the way to the bottom or rear of a unit to find your treasures.

4.  Keep your key and spare key(s) in a safe place.  If you loose all keys, a $25 lock removal fee may be charged.  YOU MAY NOT CUT YOUR OWN LOCK, sorry.  Additionally, If a person opens your unit with a key, Highway 60 Storage, LLC assumes that person has been granted access by the tenant.  If they cut the lock, they will be treated as a thief!!


5.  Items stored may include "Non-perishable" items only.  Animals, food, liquids, flammables, explosives, dangerous chemicals are NOT ALLOWED.  That means paint, fuel, fireworks and snow globes (among others) are NOT ALLOWED.  IF you have a question, please ask!!  The unit CAN NOTbe used as a temporary or permanent residence.

6.  Appliances, Cardboard, paper goods, cloth, bedding and wood are accepted.  However, refrigerated appliances must be empty of all food and completely dry.  Cardboard boxes, clothing, bedding and wood furniture may WICK moisture.  These items should be stored dry and wrap protected from outside moisture sources.  Sturdy plastic totes can be a great advantage over Cardboard boxes or plastic garbage bags.  If you must use cardboard boxes, try to keep them away from the concrete floor or metal structure.


7.  DO NOTback up to your unit.  There is plenty of room to pull along side to load and unload.  Building damage may occur and it is very expensive to fix!!


8.  Need access after hours?  Call or text before you come by.  Access gate is locked, after "business hours".  Unannounced visits, in the middle of the night, may compromise security and your personal safety.

9. Motorized vehicles, bikes, and tools are permitted.  However, Tenant must provide a "Drip Pan" sufficient to completely collect and hold any liquids that may drip from the stored motorized item.


10. Got a question?  Need assistance?  Tenants can call or text me ANYTIME!!.  My number is posted on the building.